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We handle taxes for individuals (Income tax preparation, tax planning as well as debt & financial consultation) and taxes for businesses (we offer everything from standard bookkeeping, to business entity & formation). Check out these different solutions in depth below!

Services for Individuals

Income Tax Preparation

Preparing your own tax return can, at times, be an overwhelming task for most. Many who have taken on the task themselves have easily overlooked deductions and credits to which they were entitled. This is where an experienced tax professional comes in. You will be able to rest at ease knowing that your return has been prepared correctly, and it has been scrutinized to ensure that no credits and deductions have been left out.

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Tax Planning

The best way to reduce your tax liability will be through adequate tax planning throughout the year. You will get recommendations on different strategies that can be used to reduce taxes on income and your investments. You will also get advice on steps to take to limit your tax liability for the upcoming year.

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Debt & Financial Consultation

Feeling overwhelmed with debt or your current financial situation? If so, advice will be provided to assist with eliminating or reducing debt to a more manageable level

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Small Business Accounting


Business owners will be able to rest at ease knowing that their books are accurately maintained. For each month or quarter, all entries of income, expenses, receivables and payables will be recorded. In addition, monthly bank reconciliations will be made to identify any discrepancies between bank balance and book balance, to ensure that all accounts have been properly accounted for.

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Business Tax Reporting

Whether you are a Sole Proprietor, Partnership, Limited Liability Company (LLC) or a Corporation, filing your business tax return can be complicated, as well as time consuming. Because of that, a proactive approach will be taken to ensure an accurate and timely tax filing is made.

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Cash Flow Management

Cash flow management can help you identify sources for meeting additional cash needs. Cash flow projections will also be prepared to help you manage cash over the short and long-term.

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Business Entity & Formation Consulting

Choosing the right business entity to operate can become overwhelming, given the various options to choose from. Consulting services will be given to assist you with choosing the right business entity structure that will allow your business to operate in a way that will minimize personal and tax liabilities, at the same time, maximizing growth for the future.

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Financial Statement Preparation

Financial statements will be prepared to track revenues and expenses to determine the company’s operating performance, and its financial strength.

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